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Terms and Conditions



  • Accept the Agreement.
  • We are not responsible for the Accounting Processes handled by your Royalty Collecting Society.
  • Only send us original and Cover Songs.
  • All Copyright Infringements will be handled by you and your Royalty Collecting Society.
  • By accepting this Agreement you agree to be provided the Services listed below and receive payments as indicated in the Artist Income Section.


  • We send good quality or mastered Music to Radio stations all over the World.
  • Publish Songs to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio and other Music Stores.
  • License Music to TV Commercials and to Movie Sound Tracks.
  • WE will register your Music with BMI.
  • PRICE: R30 for each Track (Excludes TV and Movie Soundtracks) and R50 for everything (Includes TV Commercials and Movie Soundtracks).
  • Songs will go to the Radio after they have been distributed to iTunes, Aamazon & etc.
  • Songs will be registered thereafter.
  • Then Songs are sent to the Radios.
  • All this will take about a Week (3 TO 5 Days).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Not all Songs are played on the Radio.
  • Please Record Commercial singles and make an impressing cover art.


  • You will be paid on the 20th every month.
  • You will be paid if your songs have made atleast $10.
  • Plase contact your Royalty Collecting Society for payment periods.
  • Our partners keep 30% and we keep only 15% of the revenue and so you will get 55% of the revenue. (This only applies to music sales on iTunes and other Stores)
  • For Radio Revenue we keep 25%, You will get 75% after your Royalty Society has deducted administration fees and for TV and Movie Soundtracks our Partners keep 50% and we will take 20% while you keep 30%.
  • Please Note: Not all Radio Stations pay Royalties, We will use these for Promotional purposes and not all Songs are selected for TV Commercials and Movie Soundtracks.
  • Your songs will be sent to Radio Stations and Music Stores all over the World e.g.Canada, USA, South Africa, Africa, UK, Russia and manymore.

Confirming Payments & Processing Submissions

  • Your Albums/Singles will be processed once we receive your authorised acceptance namely posting your music online and administartion fee.

  • The payment is needed soon after the album/song has been posted to allow for confirmation at the best possible time.

  • Your submissions will be confirmed and processed as soon as your payment and submission are submitted.


  • Payment can be made by EFT (Electronic Fund Transaction) or by Bank Deposit, and must be received within 2 days after album has been submitted to us.

  • Please quote the reference number by using your email so that the payments can be tracked.

Cancellation or Changing Payment Amount

  • All cancellations must be done in writing and emailed directly to dawnmuziklegionnaires@gmail.co or ndyebozizincapayi@gmail.com

  • Should cancellation be received after payments have been set up and paid for, any additional costs incurred for payment changes will be for your account.

  • The following charges for payments apply if you cancel after Publishing haa been made: Submissions are ussualy processed immediately so please contact us early.

    • A penalty of 100% of the payment fee is due.