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  • "Music Is A Universal Language"


How do I get started with this?

  • Create an Account
  • Login & submit a commercial Single or a Album
  • Please make sure that your hit singles are radio versions (no swearing) and are not morethan 4 minutes.

How do I get paid or pay featured Artists/Composers?

  • Login and check your Sales page and if you have made $10 or more we will deposit the money to your Bank Accout, Paypal Account or send you a Cheque if required.
  • If you have featured Artists and you have to pay them or the Composers send us the Track Name, featured Artists/Composer's Perfomance Royalty Organisation, Name and Artist IP number and their split percentage.
  • I dont have a Paypal or Paypal doesnot work in my Country? If you live in South Africa then make sure you've provided your Bank details on your Profile page.
  • If you dont live in South Africa and Paypal doesnot work in your Country then go to www.payooneer.com and create an account there. You can also email us your Postal Address and we will mail you a cheque but this is discaouraged as it will take a while for your Cheque to arrive.

I am not registered with a Royalty Collecting Society.

  • Visit the Samro Offices in Pretoria or click here to download the SAMRO registration form but only if you live in South Africa.
  • Artists that live in other Countries should findout what the Royalty Collecting Society is in their County and register with them.
  • The best and easy way to get registered is by visiting www.BMI.com and download the BMI Composer/Author Registration form

I have a big fanbase but I cannot pay the administration fees.

  • We are always looking for good music or famous artists so email us a link to your music, also include your social media links and our A&R will listen to your music.
  • If you do not hear from us within 6 weeks please accept that your submission has been declined, but paid submissions get gauranteed Publishing.
  • Join The affiliate programe by visiting this page Join Affiliate Program